Excellent restaurants in Copenhagen 29 March 2019

On 6-9 March 2019 one of our groups participated in the ECCO symposium in Copenhagen. While planning the visit, we chose to rely on the services of excellent restaurants that we would like recommend to anyone going to Copenhagen: Brasserie Tivoli, Marv & Ben, Fuego and PUK. The latter, in fact, left our guests awestruck. PUK is located in the very centre of Copenhagen and is the third oldest restaurant in Denmark dating back to 1750. The building itself is about 500 years old and is right in front of the oldest fountain in Copenhagen. The restaurant is filled with Copenhagen’s history and you will be sure to hear some of it from the friendly staff. Our guests had the opportunity to taste such delicacies as PUK´s Krone or marinated herring, marinated salmon with sweet mustard sauce and fish in batter served with remoulade sauce and lemon. In-between courses, the guests had a shot training on how to make smørrebrød, that is traditional Danish sandwiches. The second course of roast pork with red cabbage, pate with bacon, mushrooms and marinated beets, and for dessert brie cheese with grapes. All the restaurants during ECCO prepared quite a feat and we can truly recommend each and every one.