The original interior of the BarcelonaMilano restaurant 10 October 2019

BarcelonaMilano has created a completely new gastronomic concept, unique and bold, which combines Italian and Catalan cuisine, of course with the highest quality of standard. BarcelonaMilano creates friendly, dynamic and fresh cuisine. The restaurant is the result of the owners’ passion for Italian cuisine and the experience in traditional Catalan cuisine. It is a meeting place of two cultures and two cities with many common features with fresh concept of fusion dishes. The restaurant’s decor is modern and original. The focal point is the kitchen, where guests can choose and select their own appetizers. An unusual approach of the restaurant is the fact that you can order small plates and half-sized meals. BarcelonaMilano restaurant offers over 400 types of wine from around the world; it has a wide selection of glass wines, sparkling wines and champagne. Attendees of this year’s ESMO conference in Barcelona highly recommend this place.