ACR and open-air leisure 17 January 2020

Last year’s ACR was held at the end of the year on November 8-13, 2019 in Atlanta. During such an intense meeting, we wanted to provide our groups with some time to take a break and relax in nature. The Rey’s on the River restaurant unquestionably gives us that opportunity. It is a place with a certain tradition, since it has been operating since 1984 and specializes in seafood dishes and steaks. The restaurant is located along the Chattahoochee River and has a captivating garden extending to the very edge of the river. It is a place that allows you to enjoy sunny views and the menu filled with classic Ray dishes, including fresh seafood, daily prepared steaks, regional vegetables, handmade cocktails and tasting of award-winning wines from the local menu. The entire venue can host events for up to 180 guests. The restaurant is on the list of 100 best places in the US chosen by consumers. It is a place that guarantees a perfect break after an intense day at ACR.